Creating a Better Life For All Older Adults

Improving Healthy Aging, Prolonging Independence,
and Maximizing Quality of Life

4 pillars of ADF Care

“Leave No One Behind” Philosophy

Nemo Residio (Leave No One Behind)
At ADF we take this seriously, our “Leave No One Behind” mentality extends to everyone that lives at Knollwood and is only made possible through the generous support of like-minded individuals and companies, who want to create real impact.

These funds ensure that residents going through financial hardship continue receiving housing, meals, access to health and wellness programs, and the opportunity to age with dignity in a caring community.

Innovative Wellness Programs

Hope, Healing, and Purpose
Transferring discoveries from a lab setting, to updated practices and equipment, can be a glacial process. ADF does it differently: our strategic partnerships enable us to access innovations in the testing phase, years and possibly decades before they hit the market.

We believe superior wellness and medical care incorporates wholistic health elements that feed the human spirit. we pursue and cultivate programs that promote a culture of hope, healing, and purpose.

Person-Centered Care

The Individual Is At The Heart Of Everything We Do
Caring for each individual in our community starts by staffing with men and women who believe in and deliver person-centered care. What this means is that the members of our community are not a number, but integral elements with unique stories and purpose.

As a community that cares, Knollwood is focused on seeing each individual and working to meet their needs every day.

Premium Facilities

Maintain A Community Conducive To Aging Well
The bedrock of a residential community is the building and grounds. There is no community without the proper facilities and amenities to care for the people who are part of it. A rich history and legacy like ours also invariably means evolving to meet the needs of a constantly modernizing era.

This evolution ensures a modern, vibrant, lasting community with safe, energy-efficient, and affordable housing for our residents.

Life-Enriching Programs

A Wholistic approach to health and wellness
KW Wellness Wheel Transparent

By providing programming intended to meet and maximize access to these eight dimensions of wellness, ADF improves healthy aging, prolongs independence, and ultimately enhances quality of life.

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Health & Wellness Innovations

Protecting the community from disease and infection

Based on lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, communities like ours need innovative and aggressive programs to prevent infection.

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Sanitation Robots & UV Cleaning

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Continuum of Care

Meeting the unique needs of the individual

  • Most Knollwood residents reside in independent living apartment homes. Here, like-minded people share the comfort and camaraderie of living among others with similar experiences and backgrounds.
  • Independent living residents enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in NW Washington’s Upper Chevy Chase neighborhood—without the hassles of house maintenance and ownership. Knollwood offers the carefree lifestyle of coming and going as you please with freedom from mundane and expensive tasks such as gutter cleaning, roof replacement, appliance repair/replacement, and more. Come settle in at Knollwood to give yourself more time for things that interest you, including traveling the world with the peace of mind that your home is well-secured.

Stories from the community

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