KNOLLWOOD Military Life Plan COmmunity

A mission led by those who served. Applying technology
and health innovations. For the benefit of all older adults.

ADF is a 501 (c) (3) organization that built, owns, and operates Knollwood Military Life Plan Community. As a community of people who have always served others, Knollwood residents participate in the research, application, testing, and evaluation of new technologies and program innovations. Knollwood is a model community that informs and inspires the aging services industry – so that all older Americans can live better.

And through Knollwood, ADF honors those who sacrificed for our nation by providing housing, exceptional wellness care, and purposeful living across the entire aging journey – regardless of one’s ability to pay for services. Your support makes this possible.

Thank you for giving.


As a non-profit, we rely on your giving to help provide affordable, safe, secure community living for more than 250 men and women after a lifetime of serving our nation.

Sustain our community through donations to our Building and Community Fund.


Your support brings new health and wellness innovations to our community. For 60 years, we have been leaders in healthy aging services and a model for serving older adults who served our nation.

Fuel our programs through donations to our Innovation for Health and Wellness Fund.


Your generosity ensures people in financial hardship will age with dignity. About 10% of our residents require support. We will never turn away a resident for financial reasons.

Support those in hardship through donations to our Financial Assistance Fund.

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