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INNOVATORS in Healthy Aging

Partnering with you to bring solutions to an aging nation

A challenge we must face together:
the aging of America.

America Faces Dramatic Age Shift

Along with other experts in the older adult care industry, we are contemplating the unprecedented demographic shift facing our nation. The U.S. Census Bureau expects the number of adults age 65+ to outnumber children by 2035 and nearly double in number by 2060.

This dramatic and unprecedented shift requires our nation to pursue new and innovative approaches for prolonging independence, improving quality of life, and delivering care. Today’s rapid advancements in technology and medical research create a myriad of opportunities for meeting demands. Addressing this demographic challenge will require a coordinated response involving academia, business, government, non-profits, and individuals.

ADF is Equipped to Lead

Our vision is to be a national leader in developing and implementing an innovative health and wellness experience for older adults who served our nation, inspiring our residents and other communities by excellent example. The ADF and Knollwood are uniquely equipped to serve as leaders in healthy aging because of our founding charitable purpose, capable leadership, strong track record of success, and access to strategic partners.

Your Involvement is Critical

By working together, pooling resources, and sharing expertise, we will deliver excellence in health and wellness.


The ADF will convene great minds and organizations, forming partnerships and collaborating with experts.

Strategic Partners

Our partners will provide advice, subject matter expertise, research, and financial support to facilitate solutions to apply and showcase at Knollwood.

Transformational Outcomes

We will share nationwide the transformational care results and best practices achieved at Knollwood to inspire other communities to implement similar programs.

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